The 100 Club

Registered under the Charities Act Number 1095998

To join, please follow this link for a copy of the Enrolment Form.

1. The Club shall be known as ‘The Lichfield and Walsall Archdeaconries Society of Change Ringers 100 Club’ and be registered under the Private Lotteries and Amusement Act.

2. That the 100 Club shall run on an annual basis only, and that the Society’s Committee prior authority is required for its continuance into a following year.

3. That the 100 Club shall run from October to September each year. During this period there shall be a draw at each of the four meetings in the year and one ‘SUPERDRAW’ at the AGM (5 Draws in total)

4. The annual subscription shall be £12.00, payable at least two weeks prior to the draw.

5. That each person subscribing to the 100 club shall receive a unique number, which will not be altered during a draw series, and that unique number shall be entered into each draw of the series. A member may hold more than one number.

6. If fully subscribed the prizes for each draw will be as follows:

1st Prize £50.00

2nd Prize £25.00

3rd & 4th Prizes £12.50

In addition, at the AGM, there is an additional SUPERDRAW prize of £100.00

7. The listed prizes are based on a membership of 100. The prizes will be reduced or increased proportionately depending on the actual number of members in a particular draw. All profits go to the Bell Restoration Fund.

8. Membership of the 100 Club is restricted to persons 16 years of age or over.