Cannock, St Luke

Church Street, Cannock WS11 1DE

10 bells, tenor 14-0-10 in F

Contact: Malcolm Quimby (07932 849900)

24 Truro Place, Cannock WS12 3YJ


Practice night: Wednesday 19:30

Sunday service: 08:45 - 09:30

The ringing room is upstairs reached via 4 steps and a short spiral staircase. Access to the ringing room staircase is through a door located on the outside of the church at the foot of the tower on its North side. Please wait until any ringing stops before opening the door into the ringing room.


A ring of five bells was cast by Matthew & James Bagley in 1747 and augmented to six by Mears in 1849. In 1923, by which time the bells had been unringable for about thirty years, they were remodelled by recasting the fourth and tenor to become the fifth and seventh of a new ring of eight, and adding a new treble and tenor. Finally, in 1996, the remaining non-Taylor bells were replaced and two trebles added to create the current ring of ten.