Shenstone, St John the Baptist

St John's Hill, Shenstone WS14 0JB

8 bells, tenor 8-3-22 in A



Practice night: Thursday 19:30

Sunday service: 10:15 - 10:45


A ring of five bells was cast in 1704 by Joseph Smith and in 1813 these were recast by Thomas Mears into a ring of six. In 1853 the bells were transferred from the thirteenth century tower of the former church to the present building, which had just been completed. In 1865 this ring of six was remodelled into a ring of eight by Warner’s. In 1953 the old installation had deteriorated so much that the eight bells were sold to pay for three new bells to be cast by Taylor's and hung in the existing wooden frame for eight. Two trebles were added in 1961 to make a minor ring of five. In 1968 the current tenor was added forming a major ring of six and then in 1982 the octave was completed, perhaps uniquely, for the second time. More recently a new metal frame has been provided together with all new fittings.