Pattingham, St Chad

Patshull Road, Pattingham WV6 7BG

8 bells, tenor 12-3-6 in F

Contact: Joanne Bramall (07977 007537)

6 Green Close, Pattingham WV6 7DB


Practice night: Monday 19:30

Sunday service: 9:30 - 10:00, 18:00 - 18:30


Five bells were known to have existed in 1553. In 1724, records show that there were six bells cast by Joseph Smith. In 1864 they where retuned and augmented to eight by George Mears. They were rehung in 1897 (to commemorate the reign of Queen Victoria), 1928 (by Gillett & Johnston) and 1958. This frequency was due, in part, to the movement of the tower and spire. In 1992, after £60,000 was spent on strengthening the tower, they were rehung in a new metal frame and retuned by Whitechapel.