Lapley, All Saints

Church Lane, Lapley ST19 9JS

8 bells, tenor 9-3-20 in F#

Contact: Mike Fox (01785 840334)

9 Bickford Close, Lapley, Stafford ST19 9JZ



Practice night: Thursday 19:30

Sunday service: 09:45 - 10:30


At the time of the formation of the Society, Lapley possessed a ring of four bells in its large central tower that presumably had been in existence since 1655. A ring of five was first formed in 1929 when Taylor's added a new treble, recast the old treble and tenor and rehung the bells in a new single-tier metal frame. Taylor's also recast the old sanctus bell at the same time (0.2.18 in Eb) and it hangs between the fourth and fifth. The ring of six was completed in 1977 to commemorate the Queen’s Silver Jubilee but within three years concern over the strength of the massive central tower silenced the bells. Remedial strengthening work was completed in 1996 allowing the bells to be rung once more. This work also included replacing the precarious pair of ladders from the chancel crossing up to the ringing chamber with a metal spiral staircase. In 2002 the bells were augmented to eight.