Wednesbury, St Bartholomew

Church Hill, Wednesbury WS10 9DG

10 bells, tenor 24-0-18 in Eb

Contact: Gordon Birks (07811 943036)


Practice night: Friday 19:30

Sunday service: 10:00 - 11:00


Three seventeenth century bells were augmented to five in 1707/8 and then to six in 1733 before being augmented to eight in 1758 by Lester & Pack. They were recast when the ring was increased to ten in 1854 by Charles & George Mears The bells were rehung in 1901 by Barwells and the eighth recast. The entire peal was recast again in 1912 by Gillett & Johnston and rehung in a new metal two-tier frame with the third, fifth, eighth and ninth on the top tier. They were rehung on ball bearings in 1947.